Korean Cooking

My mom was in town over the weekend to visit my sister, Jan. When you put Jan and my mom together, there's bound to be a lot of Korean cooking going on--both of them are experts at it. And after many long years of practice, I am an expert at eating their cooking! I'm lucky that Jan lives only 20 minutes away from my house. Because I have more free time during the day now, I'm planning on hanging out with her more and hopefully learning how to make a few dishes.

While she was here, my mom made makguksu (not sure on the romanization), one of my favorite Korean comfort food dishes. Made with an anchovy broth, these noodles are topped with egg, dried seaweed, Korean fish hot-dog, and cucumber. You can put lots of different things on top. The sauce is made up of soy sauce, ground sesame, green onions, crushed red pepper, garlic, and a few other things that escape me at the moment. It was delicious! It also took a lot longer to put together than I remember it taking as a kid. I asked my mom if it was taking an especially long time to make for some reason but she assured me quite thoroughly that it always took this long to make and just I didn't realize it because as a kid I only showed up at the very end. Oops.

My mom and Jan also made up a big batch of kkakdugi kimchi, made from diced daikon radish. It's SO good. They knew it's my favorite kimchi, and so...

...they saved this gigantic jar for me! Wow. I don't know if even N. and I can finish this before it goes bad. It's a race against time!

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