Super Bowl Party

We went to a Super Bowl party at our friends Earl and Judi's last night. E. was a trooper and his good humor lasted almost through the whole game. The game's ending was pretty exciting. I really wanted the Giants to win (or more accurately, I wanted the Patriots to lose) but like most of the country, I didn't think it would happen. Historic record or no, there's been something very off-putting to me about the Patriots this year ever since Spygate. They were never apologetic and they acted way too entitled for my tastes. But the Giants? C'mon! Eli Manning looks like he's still in high school and he often acts that way, pouting and throwing up his hands in exasperation.

But you have to give him credit. He really got it done in the 4th quater. Way to go Eli! Now maybe Archie will love you as much as Peyton!