The working part of "working from home"

I have to admit to it; sometimes I can be a little bit grumpy if E. starts burbling away in his crib before 6:30 am or so. However, when I walk in there and see his cheerful little face poking out above his little swaddled body, I can't help but crack up. E.'s usually super cheerful and chatty and making his favorite noise, "A-goo!"

I can't believe the weekend's already over! Along with E., N. has also been sick, so it was a pretty low key weekend with lots of lying about and watching the Food Network. E. is still really congested and a little wheezy, but he doesn't seem noticeably worse, for which I'm really grateful.

However, now I have to make up for lost time on some reports I have to do for work this week. I'd also like to get some things done around the house, mainly tackle the huge pile of mail and paperwork that I've been doing my best to ignore for the last couple of weeks. Our two insurances have finally finished duking it out over who would pay for what with E.'s birth, so now we have to pay the hospital and all of the doctors the remaining balance. For the record, having two sets of insurance does not save you as much money as I thought it would.

Over the weekend I sorted through E.'s clothes - he's now in 3-to-6 month sized things. Crazy! I'll have to take some pictures of him in his new duds.