Project Update 2: Armoire

It's almost 11:30 am; and I've been up since before 6 am and have yet to shower! I have however, gotten a big chunk of my reports for work done though. Instead of going back to bed after I fed E. early this morning I went downstairs and worked on my reports while he (and N.) continued to sleep.

I had to work on things this morning because while the weekend turned out to be relaxing, it was not productive at all (unless you count watching a two-hour marathon of The Women of Ninja Warrior as productive.)

Anyway, I've gotten to a good stopping point in my work and E. is taking a nap, and so I thought I would put together an update on the armoire I'm building.

Class on Wednesday was a little frustrating due to my sloppy project planning. I spent 15 minutes agonizing over the length of the legs of the armoire because they "looked too tall." I ended up trimming 2 inches off of them and now feel better about the legs but worse about my planning skills. Oh well.

The only other thing I accomplished at class this last week was that I cut the dadoes where the fixed shelves will go. There will be fixed boards at the top, bottom, and middle of the armoire; these are essentially what holds the armoire together to form a box. I had to cut dadoes, or grooves, into the two sides where the shelves will be glued in. It's very important that the dadoes on both sides are exactly parallel (or as close as possible) so the shelves will be level when they're glued in. I positioned the sides using a stop block and clamps to make sure I was cutting the dadoes in the same place on both sides. I used a panel router to cut the dadoes, which you can see below.

The cut dado is circled in yellow in the picture below.

There's no class this week because of Spring Break, but next week I'll glue in the shelves to form the main box of the armoire, which should be pretty exciting.

I just checked--E.'s still sleeping (yay!) and so I'm going to hop in the shower. At least I'll get it in before noon!

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