Dramatic results as promised

E. is continuing to recover from his infection. The results of the new medication were actually quite dramatic as the doctor said it would be. E. started on the meds on Thursday and by Saturday he looked as good as he does today. E. was so cute over the weekend. You could tell that he felt a lot better. He woke up happy as opposed to writhing around in his crib trying to scratch his face. And he was so giggly and cheerful. He's taken lately to "talking" lately to himself or us and makes these funny groaning and cooing sounds, sometimes for 10 minutes or more. It really cracks N. and me up.

It seems like the eczema on his chin might have hit the limit of what this medication is going to do for it; today it looks a little worse than it did yesterday. I think I'm still going to take him up to Salt Lake see the dermatologist on Monday.

I stopped by my old office yesterday to pick some things up and was amazed by some of the changes. During the 5 years I was there, we didn't have a break room where you could eat your lunch; you had to eat at your desk. But now there's a break room AND it has air hockey and foosball tables--no fair! And it seems like they're trying to go more team building activities now, too. They're having an office bowling tournament tomorrow which they were nice enough to invite me to even though I'm just a contractor now. I'm a little nervous because even though I took a bowling class in college (best P.E. class ever!), I'm still pretty rusty. I think it's been over two years since I last bowled. And I have to take E. and I didn't know what to do with him during my turn bowling. But a couple of my friends from the office are going to go but not bowl, so they said that they would hold E. while I bowled. So he can hang out with his aunties while I embarass myself in front of my coworkers and friends.

Anyway, wish me luck. I just hope I break 100!

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