Dramatic Results

E.'s doctor's appointment yesterday was very productive. I went and saw the doctor that started the large group practice we go to. He seemed really competent. He said that calling E.'s rash impetigo is a bit of a cop-out because it trivializes what is really going on, which is that E. has severe eczema with a secondary infection.

The doctor also said that the oral antibiotic that the previous doctor had proscribed isn't super effective for skin infections and he prescribed cephalexin which is specifically for skin infections. He also prescribed Desonide, a mild steroid cream. The doctor said that the most important thing is to get moisture into E.'s skin and so I need to give him two baths a day and let him soak for a while (no scrubbing of his face is necessary, just getting it wet and some mild washing) and then slather his face in the Desonide cream, the topical antibiotic the other doctor prescribed, and Cetaphil. And I'm supposed to use a stronger topical steroid ointment on any patches of ezcema E. has on his body and then put Cetaphil all over him too.

It's quite a regimen, but the doctor said that we should see dramatic results and it should be almost all gone in a week. He said that if it wasn't, it would be good to take him to a dermatologist, and so I'm going to hang on to my appointment until the end of next week and see. I liked this doctor quite lot. It seemed like he knew more about skin infections than the first doctor I saw.

I gave E. a bath last night and again this morning and applied all of his creams and ointments and such and I think he's beginning to look the tiniest bit better already. His skin's still inflamed but it's not as flaky and dry.

We brought the armoire home yesterday with the help of my father-in-law and his SUV. I've got to run because Miranda's coming over for lunch, but I'll take and post some pictures on Monday. It's exciting to have it home.

Anyway, have a good weekend!

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