Letter: Month Five

Dear E,

Over the weekend you turned 5 months old. Continuing the trend of your young life, month five was a veritable parade of minor ailments. Luckily, none of them were very serious. You picked up a strep skin infection on a very, um, delicate area (possibly from your 4-month checkup) and the antibiotics you were prescribed cleared up the infection but also triggered an allergic reaction. You broke out in crazy hives all over your chest, arms, and legs.

So at only five-months old you are now the proud owner of a pencillin allergy! To celebrate I thought about ordering you one of those dorky medical alert bracelets, but I don't think they come in your size.

This last month was a good one for dressing you up in holiday-themed outfits: St. Patrick's day and Easter were less than a week apart this year. I'm pretty sure that the pictures I took of you as a bunny are going to come in quite handy if a need for embarassing baby photos ever arises--like when you're a smart-alecky teenager and you have a cute girl over at the house.

You've passed some developmental milestones this month. You can roll from your tummy onto your back and have gotten quite good at holding things in your hands. You LOVE to blow spit bubbles and have developed quite a rash on your chin from drooling so much.

This month we also saw first sign of your sense of humor. One night I was nursing you and chatting with your dad and we started laughing at a shared joke. And out of nowhere, you started laughing too (even though you were still eating)! And you were laughing hard. You wanted to be in on the joke. This of course made your dad and me crack up even more and so you started laughing harder too. You were almost hysterical with laugher and then suddenly it was too much and you got freaked out and the laughing turned to crying. But you quickly calmed down. It was one of my favorite moments with you so far. You laugh quite often, but this was the first time that you laughed not because we were interacting with you but because you wanted to interact with us. You bring so much laugher into our lives.