Project Update: Armoire Completed!

I want to say 'thanks' to several people who helped me with this project. The biggest help was N, of course. He was so supportive and cheerfully spent the last 10 Wednesday nights at home with E. while I've been at class. I've really enjoyed becoming a mom and staying home with E. while working part time from home, and I think one of the things that has made the transition easier is that for one evening a week I was able work on a hobby I enjoy and to relax by myself. N. was very encouraging about me taking the class, which I really appreciated.

My instructor was a HUGE help. I've taken the class on and off again for about 5 years and I think that sometimes he gives me a little special treatment. This time I needed about 3 extra hours to be able to get the armoire finished and so he let me come in on Tuesday morning during one of the degree program classes to work on the shop.

My mom (who was visiting my sister Jan this week) and Jan watched E. on Tuesday morning so I could go work in the shop.

My in-laws were also a big help. My mother-in-law came over a couple of times to watch E. while I went to the lumberyard for supplies and my father-in-law helped me (as he often does) bring home the armoire in his SUV.

So, here are some pictures of the finished (still need to add handles!) armoire:

Well, that's it! Overall, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I felt like my woodworking skills improved noticeably this semester. I used some tools I hadn't used before and was more comfortable with ones I've used before.

Below is a slideshow of pictures I took during the course of building the armoire.

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