Saith Strikes Again!

N. and I got takeout from a local fresh-mex place, Cafe Rio, over the weekend. There are a couple of different fresh mex chains in Utah, but it seems like Cafe Rio has the most efficient take-out service (which has become more important to me since E.'s birth). When you place your order, they give you an exact time when your food will be ready and also ask for your first name and last initial. When I went to go pick up our orders of shrimp tacos and mahi mahi tacos on Saturday (mahi mahi tacos=good, shrimp tacos=not so much), they had a little bit of trouble finding my order.

Because it was under "Saith U!" As I've noted before, people mishear my name over the phone quite often. A surprising number of people seem to think that Saith is a more probable name than Faith. Saith is not a name! And my last initial does not remotely sound like "U." I guess I really should switch to using my middle name for phone orders. I tried it out a week ago and it worked well. But I felt a little weird doing; like I was being sneaky and trying to get away with something. (My hypersensitive conscience strikes again!) But it's probably worth it to avoid the confusion.

So watch out for secret agent Saith, going under cover at a take-out restaurant near you!