It looks like E. and I have picked up the same bad cold. I'm surpised by how fast it developed. Hopefully that means that it will be over soon. On Wednesday we were over visiting a friend who had recently had surgery and her baby was congested and had a drippy nose. I tried to keep E. away from her, but yesterday there were onimous signs: E. was overly tired and cranky and my throat was a little scratchy. Then this afternoon E. started randomly bursting into tears and my head felt like it's stuffed to bursting with cotton. Being sick or having a sick baby is no fun by itself, but both at once can make me feel overwhelmed (and also whiny--did I mentioned whiny?). I'm grateful that at least it's a holiday weekend and so will be around to help out. I have to admit that I miss the pre-baby luxury of taking a sick day and being able to sleep all day uninterupted.

I hope your weekend is better than mine is shaping up to be!