I had vague plans to plant a garden this year. I thought it would be fun and had visions of tending it while E. rolled around on a blanket in the sunshine. But then the weeks flew by and I thought it was too late. Especially since we had mistakenly turned on the garden soaker hose when we turned on our sprinklers. This meant that for the last month we had been generously watering the weeds that sprung up in the garden which resulted in some very impressive dandelion specimens. The amount of work it would have taken to get rid of them all was too imposing.

But then, a very helpful neighbor (Thank you, Mr. C!) assured me me that it wasn't too late and offered to bring over his rototiller. In about 15 minutes, he turned my mini-dandelion farm into lovely clear ground. (That thing on the left is a rhubarb plant that we inherited from the previous owners along with the raspberry bushes on the right.)

A couple of days ago we planted four tomato plants, about 6 various hot peppers, and squash and zucchini.

Elliott enjoyed hanging out on the lawn with N. Well, he liked it until he got tired and started screaming bloody murder.

But overall I think he liked it.