Heceta Head Lighthouse

When we were in Oregon with N.'s family we went to a couple of lighthouses. One of them, Heceta Head, is dear to N.'s family because they would visit it during their summer vacations in Oregon when N. was growing up.

The view is pretty amazing. The lighthouse is perched on a bluff that's edged by forest. To get there you walk through the woods up a winding trail and then BAM! - there's a lighthouse.

Back in 2001 the lighthouse lens had to be dissembled, repaired, and reassembled, which was a huge undertaking.

But now everything's working again. You can take a tour and climb up to the lens. It was pretty neat to see the ridges in the glass that focus the light. Apparently on a clear night the light can be seen for 21 miles.

While we were waiting for our tour, N.'s sister Miranda noticed an interesting plaque on the bench she was sitting on.

Wow. Can you imagine being at that wedding? It would have been crazy! The lighthouse is pretty remote and so it would have taken an ambulance a long time to get there. I like to think that Grandma Manja just sat down on the bench and peacefully slipped away before anyone else knew what was happening. There are definitely worse ways to go.

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