Mr. Sandman

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but I'm on the activities committee at church. We plan parties and events for the ward (or congregation). Living in a small town in Utah with a predominately LDS population is interesting in many ways. One of them is in how closely the church is involved in civic matters. Most towns in Utah have a big festival/fair every summer with parades, carnival rides, contests, and rodeos. All of the wards in our town are encouraged to decorate floats for the parade.

The part of me that loves diners and drive-in movie theaters, and lemonade stands (or rather the idea of diners, drive-in movie theaters, and lemonade stands) loves the idea of these festivals. (So charmingly small-town! So summery and soaked in Americana!) So I was thoroughly charmed when I found out I was going to be helping on our ward's float for the parade. (A float! In a real rodeo parade!) Our float's theme is "Santa's Traditional Summer," mostly because the parade theme is something about Tall Tales and Traditions and the committee really wanted to do something that called for one of the committee members, a somewhat large guy, to dress as Santa Claus in an old-timey bathing suit.

So my assignment was to make a snowman that appeared to be made out of sand. I had no clue how to go about it, but I but some paper mache mix and balloons and spray paint. I think the head turned out fairly well:

But I have to admit that I am dubious about the structural strength of the other two spheres. I hope the whole thing can support itself. I guess we'll find out later today - the parade's at 3pm. Well, I'm off to finished Mr. Sandman. A boatload of hot glue can stick anything together, right?