Oregon Coast Vacation

N.'s family wanted to get together for a family vacation before their parents go to Korea this summer. And so last week we rented at a beach house in Yachats, on the Oregon coast. The weather was even lousier than average for the coast (brrrrr!), but the trip was a lot of fun.

Vacationing with a baby is a lot different than vacationing without one, but E. was a real trooper. We drove there and back and E. was great in the car even though we were driving for about 15 hours each way. He mostly played on his own with his toys and napped. He got fussy a couple of times but didn't start screaming or crying even once. He was pretty awesome.

I'm still sorting through the photos I took while we were there, but here are some that I like in particular. I'll be posting more this week.

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