Did you know I enjoy FILM?

Me: So my first DVD from Netflix arrived today.

N: What DVD did you get?

Me: Well, uh, I wasn't really paying attention to the order of the DVDs in my queue...

N: Your very first movie pick says a lot about you as a person. Did you get a foreign film? Or a documentary so you can learn something about an interesting subject?

Me: Well, one of the reasons I signed up for Netflix was to have movies to watch when I'm excerising during the day, so I tried to pick movies that I don't think you're really interested in watching.

N: What did you rent? I bet you rented a Criterion Collection release! What's the movie that you've been dying to see?

Me: Um, I rented Enchanted. Yes, Enchanted! Leave me alone!!!

N: Ha-ha!

And then we watched it together.

Next up, Park Chan-Wook's brutal masterpiece, Oldboy. I know, I know--there is very little method to the madness of my Netflix queue. (Note to readers: I know who most of you are and I know that you are lovely people but that you would NOT like Oldboy. Do not watch it!)

What movies would you recommend? I added movies that I've always intended on seeing like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Chinatown to my queue, but I'd love to hear suggestions if you have any.