Double Feature

Is there anything more decadent to parents of a baby than going to a double feature?

Before E. was born N. and I would occasionally (maybe twice a year) go to a double feature on a Saturday if there were a couple of movies we wanted to especially see. There's something slightly surreal and decadent about entering the plush air-conditioned atmosphere of a movie theater in the bright afternoon and then emerging four hours later into the hot dark summer night. Now factor in not having gone on a date sans bébé in months and the whole experience reeks of decadence.

Last night N. and I went and saw Hellboy 2 and Wall E. There are quite a few movies out right now that we want to see but haven't been able to since we haven't found a regular babysitter yet. (Many, MANY thanks go to Miranda for watching E. for us last night!)

Anyway, I enjoyed both movies. I've always like Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics and Guillermo Toro is a great director (I loved Pan's Labyrinth and it's going to be interesting to see what del Toro does with the two Hobbit movies he's going to direct.) He definitely has a unique visual style that I really like; the creatures in Hellboy 2 had a similar look to those in Pan's Labyrinth. The art direction was great. Bits of the plot felt a little formulaic, but overall the movie was great. (Aside: How the heck is it that Selma Blair keeps getting younger and younger? She's 36, for crying out loud, but looks like she's in her early-20s in the movie. It's a little weird.)

Wall E was also a lot of fun. The animation was impressive (but always felt organic to the story) and the robot characters were so personable. I recommend seeing both movies, preferably in a double feature if you can manage!