Letter: Month Eight

Dear E,

The months keep flying by. June was a busy month, mostly because of happenings with your dad's family. At the beginning of the month we went on a family vacation with all of your dad's family to Yachats, a town on the Oregon coast. You seemed to enjoy your dad carrying you around on his chest in the Baby Bjorn. He would take you exploring along the beach to look at tide pools.

It was fun to see you with your cousins. Your big cousin E. in particular seemed quite taken with you and would try all sorts of things to entertain you.

After we got back from the coast there was only a week left before your dad's parents had to leave for Korea. They're going to spend the next 3 years serving a mission for our church there. I know they're going to miss you and all of the other grandkids, but they're excited about this opportunity.

With everything going on, June was a crazy month. Some where in between everything that happened you got pretty good at sitting up by yourself. You seem to be more curious about the things around you and love crinkling up paper or trying to fit the remote control in your mouth. In short, you're a lot of fun.