Recipe and ENT Follow-Up

Last night we had dinner with some friends. It was a lot of fun (Thanks for having us over, B. and E!) We brought along a dessert which was a sort of ice cream cake. I had seen an episode of Rachel Ray's show and got the idea from her. I thought of it as a sort of frozen strawberry shortcake. There were only 3 ingredients: pound cake from Costco (yum!), strawberry ice cream, and some sliced strawberries for a garnish. Like Rachel Ray's receipe, I used a pyrex meat loaf pan.

  1. First we lined the pan with plastic wrap, making sure there was plenty of extra hanging over.
  2. Then we sliced some strawberries and arranged them in an overlapping pattern on the bottom of the pan. (Note: they will freeze solid and so make sure to cut them thinly or else they may be a little too chunky like ours were.)
  3. Spoon in some ice cream and spread it out evenly into about an 3/4" layer.
  4. Slice the pound cake horizontally into about 3/4" layers. Lay a slice of pound cake over the ice cream and cut smaller pieces of pound cake to fill in any gaps.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 up to the top of the pan, ending with a cake layer.
  6. Then wrap the extra plastic wrap over the top of the pan and press down on the whole thing a little. The ice cream should be a little soft so it mushes around and fills in any gaps.
  7. Pop it in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
  8. To unmold, dip the pan in a hot water bath for a half a minute to loosen everything up a bit. Then turn the pan upside down and wriggle it out of the pan by tugging on the extra plastic wrap. Discard plastic wrap.
  9. Slice the cake vertically and serve. (Note: It doesn't look that great when it comes straight out of the pan, but once you slice it into pieces, it looks pretty good. The end pieces don't look as nice though, so either slice off a skinny piece from the end and discard it or give the end piece to your husband/roommate/boyfriend/child/dog to eat. You made it, so you should get a pretty piece!)
This morning I took E. back to the ear/nose/throat doctor today for his two-week follow-up appointment. The good news is that E.'s ears are all cleared up! The bad news is that E.'s was still a bit of a pill over the weekend. If his ears aren't bothering him, I'm not sure why he's been fussier than normal. Maybe he's finally decide to teethe? He doesn't have a single tooth yet. *shrug* Who knows.

What I do know is that my monthly report for work is due tomorrow and I still need to put in a lot of work on it. E. just went down for a nap and so I've got to get busy.

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