We're Getting Serious

I have to admit that when things were hectic in June I slacked off on feeding E. solid food regularly. But last week I decided to get serious about feeding him solids and finally got around to buying E. a high chair. I really like the design of the chair we bought. It's like a little barber chair: it has a center pole with a pneumatic lift so it's height-adjustable which means that E. can use it to sit at our kitchen bar when he's older. And the base has casters so it can be wheeled around, which has been more useful than I thought it would be. I can wheel E. over to the sink after his meal to wipe him down or if I'm working in the kitchen I can position him next to me to hang out.

Anyway, E. seems to like sitting in his chair so far. During this past week E. has gotten a lot better at eating Cheerios and enjoys chasing them around his tray.

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