What's that you say?

The colonies have declared their independence? By George!

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you have a lovely holiday. I think we're going to putter around the house and then see some friends (and hopefully fireworks) in the evening.

I forgot to post about our trip to the ENT on Monday. Our pediatrician's office had gotten us a 3:45 appointment but the doctor was really behind and we were stuck waiting for almost 2 hours. E. held it together pretty well for the first hour, but then started falling apart. So I put him in his stroller and walked laps around the hallway. It was good for him because he quieted down and fell asleep and it was good for me because I hadn't had time to exercise that morning. We ended up walking around for 45 minutes!

Lateness aside, I really liked the doctor. He had a very competent and deliberate manner about him. After he checked E.'s ears the doctor said that they look like they're in the process of draining. He said that the pressure is more painful to E. now that his ears are draining than when they were totally plugged up. He didn't think it would be worth it to jump the gun and put tubes in when the problem may resolve itself. We have a follow up appointment to check E.'s progress in 2 weeks (thankfully it's the first appointment of the day and so there won't be a horrendous wait). So tubes are still a possibility, but they're a slim one.

E. has been fussier these last couple of weeks than he has ever been. Luckily, it's still not too bad. However, I've been spoiled by his previous mellowness and so this new behavior kind of wears me out. He has taken to shrieking in a super-high pitch at the drop of a hat. Hopefully the shrieking is related to his ear pain and only temporary rather than being a new hobby he has decided to explore. Because I have to admit that I am not a big fan.

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