My Homework this Weekend

I started a month-long photo class this week that I'm pretty excited about. It's taught by Nicole Hill, a local professional photographer. She works for Rubberball, a stock company and then teaches in her free time. Check out her blog, it's fun. (She took Kelsey from The Next Food Network Star's wedding pictures. You can go to her older posts to see them.)

The class I'm taking is a Photo 101 class that focuses on manual exposure. I first learned photography on a film SLR back in high school and I so know the basics of manual exposure, but I am pretty rusty when it comes to actually doing it. Shooting digital for the last 4+ years has made me lazy when it comes to exposing correctly because I know I can tweak the photo with software later. For the class we're not supposed to alter our images since we're learning about exposure, which makes perfect sense. But having this restriction is making me a little nervous about doing the homework for the class. Luckily for me, shooting digital means that I can take tons of shots of the same thing at different exposures and then submit the best one!