Friday Roundup

E. and I have colds, but I'm hoping that we're over them by next Thursday, because that's when E. and I are flying to Washington state to visit family for a week. My head feels like it's stuffed to the brim with cotton but I have to get my August report finished by this afternoon, so I've been plodding through it.

But here are some random fun things for your Friday.

I am LOVING this song, "Furr," by Blitzen Trapper. They played in SLC last night but we didn't make it. It's hard to find a sitter on a weeknight and I wasn't really feeling up to it. But listening to the song right now makes me wish that we had found a way to see them.

Apparently, there is a cottage industry of bunny letter openers that spans the globe.

And lastly, "Yogurt, it's for women!"

Have a good weekend!