E's New Friend

So lately we've been practicing waving, "bye-bye" with E. Sometimes he'll wave back, but he hasn't ever said "bye-bye" back. He's said "Mama" a couple of times, but other than that he really hasn't spoken any words--until this weekend that is.

We set up this activity table toy (which I got for WAY cheaper at Costco) for E over the weekend. The table has one of the most disturbing, annoying toy voices I've ever heard. It really is kind of creepy. But E loves it. If its buttons aren't pushed for a few minutes the table turns itself off with a cheery "bye-bye!" which usually startles E. He whips his head around and stares at the table suspiciously, which is pretty funny to watch.

But yesterday instead of glaring at the table he smiled wide and waved his hand and said "bye-bye" in return. Never mind that he wouldn't say it for us before or afterwards but he waved and politely told the table goodbye--twice!

So I fear we have been usurped in his affections by something battery-operated. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.