Let's Make Cute Stuff!

I received this book, Aranzi Aronzo Cute Dolls (Let's Make Cute Stuff), for my birthday from Gwyn, N.'s sister. It is SO much fun. I have a habit (which drives N. crazy) of collecting project or how-to books which I seldom actually make anything out. But this is one of the few books I have that I wouldn't feel guilty about owning even if I never make anything out of it because it is that much fun to read. The translator did an excellent job translating the instructions and descriptions from the original Japanese and the whole book is a pleasure to read as a result. The book has that super cute, whimsical, Engrishy Japanese vibe that I'm a sucker for. Besides being fun to read, there's a helpful tutorial at the front on the basics of doll construction. The tutorial is narrated by White Rabbit and Brown Bunny.

Argh, the cuteness! The text is entertaining on its own but the patterns are also great. There are about 20 patterns for adorable stuffies in the book and out of those there are at least 6 that I really want to make. N. was flipping through the book and declared that I had to make E. one of these:

Yes, that's right: a kidnapper doll! Every child's dream toy! If you can't read the text, it says "Kidnapper is tall and trim. He's always wearing a tight black suit. It's so tight that it's like a part of his body now. Kidnapper is always wearing a black hat. He doesn't have hair underneath his hat. Kidnapper is always holding a white bag. That's because his job is to kidnap kids. He's off to work again today!"

I love that he comes with he comes with a white sack to stuff his victims in! So creepy. E. doesn't really have a 'lovey' yet so how funny would it be if I made him a Kidnapper doll and it became his favorite childhood toy?

So yeah, if you like cute Japanese-style stuffies or know a child whose life is simply incomplete without a Kidnapper doll, I recommend this book.

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