Marching it down the field

What's that you say? You've been wondering how my fantasy football team is doing? How kind of you to ask. The Binky Blitz is on the move!

After the disappointment of handily winning week 1 and not having it count I lost my matchups in weeks 2, 3, and 4 and was in last or second-to-last place. I have to admit, dear reader, that for a time I was discouraged. I despaired of ever climbing out of the pit of ignominy in which I languished.

But then I traded for some free agents, switched a couple of things around, and won the next three games including one against the guy who was in first place at the time. (Woot, woot!) Now I'm in a very respectable sixth place.

So yeah, things are looking up. But I've been debating what to do about my quarterback. I have Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub. I think that Manning is the better quarterback, but his offensive line has really been letting him down lately. Combine that with their notorious inability of their defense to stop the run and well, the Colts have been under performing. For the last few weeks my brother David has been advising me to swap Schaub in for Manning but I've been resisting. I have to admit that I would feel a little guilty swapping him out. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Peyton. But the fantasy football, she is a harsh mistress. I've got to study up on the games this week, but I might finally give in. Sorry, Peyton!

And now a little something for those of you who care nothing about fantasy football but have still bothered to read this post: E enjoying rice.