Oh Paldo World, you're so dreamy!

There's a great Koreatown about 40 minutes from my parents' house. Along South Tacoma Way there are blocks and blocks of Korean restaurants, businesses, stores, and churches. It's pretty awesome, especially since there are only a few Korean stores and restaurants here in the Salt Lake area.

My mom took us to the new Paldo World grocery store when we were there. It was a lot of fun.

They had a huge selection of items including fresh-made dduk and dumplings (Yum!) I loved looking at the aisle signs; some of them cracked me up.

A whole aisle devoted to rice and all kind of ramen boxes!

No trip to the store is complete without Europeans food!

This was the best aisle in the whole place. Yay for junk food!

I was charmed by the Nagelesque illustration on this tea.

Grocery shopping was fun, but I have to say that my favorite part of the store was the food court. It SO good. It had three separate restaurants. There was so much tasty food: ddukbokki, jajangmyeon, tonkatsu, soups, etc... And everything was very affordable. So we went a little, um, overboard.

One of the restaurants, Chicky Pub, specialized in spicy fried chicken. I loved their Engrish slogan and signage.

At first I was mystified by this sign...

I couldn't figure out why they put an old-timey western cathouse on the sign.
I mean, check out the women's expressions! And why are there children with balloons at this cathouse? But then I realized that it was only an illustration of an old-timey western pub where townfolk gathered to enjoy delicious cajun-style fried chicken.

You know, just like they used to have in the old days.

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