Pick up your beans and keep rolling!

So...my weekend was kind of crazy and it looks like my week will be more of the same. We discovered early Sunday morning that our basement had flooded, AGAIN. So for 36 hours we've been sucking up the water with a wet vac and dumping it down a shower drain. It looks like it has finally slowed, but all day yesterday it just kept coming up and up. So discouraging! So today I called and scheduled repairs to our basement that are going to cost almost as much as we paid for N.'s (decent) used car. (Yikes.)

Work is also insane, made worse by the fact that I totally procrastinated over the weekend and didn't get any work done at all. It's so busy that I had to beg off getting together with my office friends tomorrow for lunch. They wanted to get together because tomorrow's my birthday, but I just can't spare the time because of the deadlines I'm working with. I felt like such a heel on the phone, "Why yes, it is so nice of you to want to get together to celebrate my birthday...but, um, I'm simply too busy to see you." (Awkward!) I am hoping they will still want to get together in a week (or two) when I can actually get away.

Also, I tried giving E. that special baby formula he can have over the weekend. He hasn't been too into nursing lately (perhaps due to teething?) and I figured that maybe I could wean him onto it for the month and a half we have before our follow-up with the allergist. But he wasn't haven't ANY of it. I don't blame him, the stuff smells pretty nasty so I can imagine how awful it tastes. So it looks like I'm still on the no-dairy, no-egg, no-nut diet for a while which I have to admit, puts a bit of a damper on birthday celebrations. I guess I could make that tasty dairy-and-egg-free cake my friend Emily brought over once but just can't muster up the enthusiasm to actually get it done. I'd rather just go buy something, but there seems to be an inconvenient dearth of vegan bakeries in my neighborhood.

Anyway, enough complaining from me...if I get caught up with work today and tomorrow I'll be able to finish E.'s 11-month letter and post some more pictures from our Washington trip.

Back to work I go!