E gets a haircut

E has needed a haircut for at least a couple of months. But N and I both thought his hair was really cute and so we've been putting it off. I loved the way his shaggy baby hair fell over his ears and across his forehead--so cute! But then E's bangs got too long and started getting into his eyes and bothering him. I was too chicken to cut it myself and so on Saturday we too him to one of those places that specializes in haircuts for kids.

Even though he was tired, E was a trooper. He sat in a little toy police car (which, when I strapped him in I noticed had a surprisingly low back to it ...more on this later) and didn't cry while the stylist wet down his hair and went at it with scissors. He did start to get a little fussy but then the stylist gave him a lollipop which kept him pretty distracted. The only time he got really freaked out was when he decided to fling himself backwards out of his seat. He almost fell but was saved by his seat belt. It took a little bit of work to calm him down after that but we did and the stylist finished up. It was pretty awesome to watch her work so quickly and so well with such a squirmy client.

I think the results turned out pretty well. I know it's not a huge difference, but E suddenly looks older to me: more toddler than baby. *Sigh.* When did he get so big?

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