Thank you, food poisoning!

My weight-watching efforts have been sadly neglected for the last month or so. Ever since E and I got back from our trip to Seattle things have been pretty crazy around here with E getting a stomach bug, the basement repair job, work, Halloween, E's birthday, etc... Things were just hectic enough that I didn't feel too badly letting Weight Watchers slip from my schedule. But, ever the repentant prodigal child, I slunk into the office on Saturday to get weighed...and found out I had lost 5.6 lbs!

Thank you, food poisoning! Even though I know there's a good chance I'll gain it back as my body adjusts back to normal I have to admit it was exciting to hear that number. It brings my total loss to 20.8 lbs so far. (Yay!)

So I am recommitting myself (again) to exercising and eating better. I need to get in the habit of eating better now so when I finish weaning E I don't go scarily overboard on the dairy (I'm looking at you, ice cream, cheese, pastries (a new Kneaders just opened by my house), and creamy salad dressings!).

Weight-loss aside, I am really looking forward to this week. For the first time in too long I don't have anything urgent or high maintenance on my plate. I'm looking forward to just cleaning up the house, grocery shopping, maybe having lunch with some friends, and taking E for a few know, a nice, slightly productive, relaxing week.