Check it out: N's new blog

While I flit around from hobby to hobby (woodworking, photography, knitting, sewing, design, cooking, etc...) N has steadfastly had the same main passion since he was a teenager: music. He likes several genres of music but has a special soft spot in his heart for kind of obscure independent stuff.

Since he has such a breadth of knowledge about music and is a great writer (not that I'm biased, ahem.) I've been urging N to start a music blog for months. And once his friends joined in on the pestering it was only a matter of time before he caved. And so was born (with a banner designed by yours truly).

So if you're interested in music, check it out. N posts every weekday and includes a streaming song with every post. It's a fun way to hear some new and new-to-you music. Today he started his top 25 albums of the year countdown; maybe you'll find something for the music lover on your Christmas list.

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