Letter: Month Thirteen

Dear E,

Last week you turned thirteen months old. I vaguely knew it was coming but then completely forgot about writing this letter until today. In my defense I would like to say: it's all Christmas' fault. The gift buying, cookie decorating, party preparing, party attending and card writing has been insane this year. Compounding the craziness is the fact that our two upstairs showers broke and were getting fixed this week.

Well, to be completely honest our master bath shower started leaking the week after we brought you home from the hospital. I had every intention of getting it fixed right away but you know, new baby and first time mom and all that. So we used the hallway shower instead for a full year which has to be my all-time new procrastination record. I like to think I would have got it fixed soon anyway, but last week when the hallway shower also broke my hand was forced. Luckily there's a downstairs shower. But this whole debacle means a score of: house-2, Faith-0.

So the plans for shower repair switched very suddenly into high gear and all this week workmen have been traipsing and out of the house sawing, smashing, and soldering things. Things have been a little busy around here. The shower repair has been throwing off your nap schedule which has compounded the somewhat difficult time you were already having. For the past week or so you have been teething pretty hard. You're still pretty cheerful but I can tell that you don't feel well and you've been waking up a few times during the night.

But other than that you've doing really well. You handled the switch from nursing to drinking soy formula like a champ. Even if you're in the next room you can hear the sound of someone shaking up a bottle and you get excited.

I'm trying to expand your food repertoire but I have to admit it's a little intimidating. I bought you some all-soy cheese (slogan: "It melts!") and made you some quesadillas with it which you seemed to enjoy for about a week but now apparently detest. You still like eating peas and have taken to sunflower seed butter sandwiches but who knows how long that will last. E, with your allergies your food choices are already so limited that you simply can NOT afford to be a picky eater. So, um, stop it...okay?

This month you started clapping which is pretty darn cute. You are this close to walking on your own and you love to cling to any vertical surface and walk along it: the fridge, cabinets, walls, etc... It's fun to watch but makes it harder to keep you contained at church. You love playing peekaboo and you continue to make us laugh every day.

Thank you.