Snowed in, figuratively speaking

So this guy seems to be feeling much better.

He was teething pretty hard last week but over the weekend one of the two teeth that are coming in popped through. E is mercifully back to sleeping through the night after two weeks of waking up at least twice a night.

But now the question is, how the heck is it already Christmas next week? I don't know what I did with the first half of December. I think the shower repair really set me back because I had to hang around the house for a whole week while they were working. Thankfully it's over now. (Except that one of the showers now has really poor water pressure which I need to call the plumber about.)

Anyway, this week is going to be crazy: my monthly report for work is due today and I have several hours of work to do for it, I have to go shopping for N's office sub-for-Santa, I have four Christmas parties/events to go to (one of which I simply can't make), we need to make candy to give as neighbor gifts, I need to make 30 ornaments for the girls in Young Women's (the girls' auxiliary at church), I need to put together and deliver some gifts to the office, and lastly I need to finish shopping for gifts for family members and mail them off. Oh yeah, and I thought it would be fun/funny to take E to have his picture taken with Santa at the mall.

*Sigh.* It seems like only yesterday that I was congratulating myself for being ahead of the curve this year. Where does the time go? Oh well. I guess I just need to plow through at this so I can relax next week and actually enjoy the Christmas.

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