Boon Bath Pods

Bleh. We are all officially sick in some way or another. E has a normal cold, N is recovering from a super gross sinus/throat infection (complete with ruptured eardrum!), and I am in the beginning stages of what N had but am desperately trying to fight it off with zinc and orange juice. I haven't taken any new pictures of E in a while but will try to get some this weekend.

But in the mean time...have you seen these bath storage pods by Boon? They come in frog and ladybug styles. I think they're cute but more importantly, smart. The scoop detaches so you can scoop up bath toys and let them drain dry and get them out of the way.

Once E outgrows the sink I'll probably get one for the tub. I love Boon products; E's highchair is made by them and it's great.