Flensted Mobiles

After E was born I wanted to get a mobile to hang over his crib. I thought about getting one of these Tiny Love mobiles but they seemed really huge and a little bit frightening. Babies supposedly love them, but if I was going to be spending $30-40 on a mobile I wanted one that E could enjoy for years.

I looked around online and found these mobiles by Flensted and I fell in love with them. After much agonizing I ended up getting the balloon mobile for over E's crib and the owl mobile (owls reading books, so charming!) to hang in my office.

The mobiles are a little pricey if you consider just the raw materials involved, but they really are lovely in person. E is fascinated by his and frequently implores me (unsuccessfully) to lift him up high so he can bat at it.

Flensted also seems like a great family-run, family-friendly company. Their workers assemble the mobiles by hand in their own homes instead of in a factory. As some who works from home, I don't mind spending a little bit more to support a company that allows other to do the same.

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