Letter: Month Fourteen

Dear E,

Today you turn fourteen months old. It has been a busy, crazy, lovely month. This winter started out abnormally warm but the 6+ snowstorms we've had in the last few weeks have more than made up for it.

You've never liked being cold (a surprise, I know!) and so far you haven't shown an affinity for the snow. But maybe that will change. Your Aunt Miranda gave you a toddler-sized sled for Christmas and we're going to break it in this week.

It was really fun to watch you experience Christmas for the first time. (I'm not counting last year because you were pretty much just a blob then--a cute blob, but a blob nevertheless.) You LOVED our Christmas tree. You insisted on "helping" decorate the tree and were as gentle as you could be. It was very endearing.

For Christmas your dad and I gave you mostly books, but I did succumb and get you a little ride-on train. You love it in all of its garishly-bright plastic glory.

You really improved at walking this month and now you take five or six steps at a time. I love it when you launch yourself, giggling like crazy, into my arms. Lately you enjoy putting things away into baskets, clapping, and sharing your snacks with us.

You are, simply put, a marvel.