My New Holga

N gave me this Holga camera kit as a Christmas gift which I was really excited about.

The Holga is basically the cheapest medium format camera you can get. You can get just the camera for under $40. The main reason they're so cheap is because they're made entirely out of plastic, including the lens. The Holga was created in China during the early 1980s for the purpose of providing an inexpensive camera for the masses. But since then it's grown into kind of a cult-item. The hipster rhetoric behind them can get kind of silly (apparently it will "make you see beauty when you thought it had disappeared forever") but but they do take interesting, otherworldly pictures.

These are from the first roll I shot. There were some light leaks onto the film because one of the foam blocks that cushions the film spool came loose and got wrapped up inside the film. (Apparently the Holga's cheap reputation is well deserved.)

All hype aside, the Holga is really a just a cheap toy camera. But it's a very fun cheap toy camera. Pick one up if you want to explore lo-fi film photography.

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