Shrieky McShriekington

The last few days have been rough.

E is teething really hard and has been really irritable for the last four days or so. At least I'm assuming he's teething. In addition to being ornery and shrieking or crying at the drop of a hat (or at me daring to tell him no, he cannot play with that glass bowl/permanent marker/expensive stereo/sharp knife) he has been trying to chew on everything in sight. A few times he's actually stuffed his fingers in his mouth and gnawed on them, something he's never done before.

I'm just not use to it and it's wearing me out. Sometimes he'll be fine for 20, 30 minutes and I'll be lulled into thinking he's feeling better but then something will set him off and he'll rocket from placid to wailing in a second. I'm hoping that it's just his teeth bothering him and it's not that after 14 months of being easygoing he's simply decided it would be more fun to be a jerk.

I am really looking forward to N being home for the weekend so we can tag team the little howler.

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