Winter Staycation

N and I are pretty good about getting babysitters every couple of weeks and going out to eat or to movies but we haven't done anything especially fun for about, oh, 14 months or so.

We live just outside Salt Lake City and the Sundance Film Festival is a pretty big deal around here. In the pre-E days we would usually go see a few things at the festival. Last year we didn't make it to any shows together (having a two month-old somehow got in the way) but this year we decided to be wild and crazy and bought a 12-ticket package.

We cobbled together a line-up of babysitters and next week we're going to go see six things, two-a-night for three nights. It was hard to select what we wanted to see, but our choices were somewhat limited because we wanted to avoid Park City. Park City is where the celebrities and glitzy events are but N and I are old fuddyduddies and didn't want to deal with the longer drive, the crowds, and having to finding parking and ride the shuttle. So we're seeing these films in Odgen, downtown SLC, and at the Sundance resort.

I'm excited about going. Hopefully E will be over this super-cranky funk he's been in for the last week and be good for his sitters. He started digging at his ears over the last few days and then this morning he was crying and slapping himself on the head/pulling on his hair. I have to admit, it was pretty alarming to see. Does anyone else's kid do that? Just to be safe, I'm going to take him to the doctor later today to see if he has an ear infection.