Goin' Ape-pricot

Lately, I've been into painting my nails. Growing up I was a bit of a tomboy and have still never had a professional manicure. But as the mother of an active toddler there's something pleasingly decadent about having polished nails. (My clothes may be a bit sloppy, my hair may be in a hurried ponytail, but hey, at least my nails look nice!)

Granted, the polish doesn't stay nice-looking for that long (especially with woodworking class) but I enjoy it while it lasts. To the left is one of my favorite colors right now. It's called Goin' Ape-pricot and is actually more of a bright coral-ish color rather than straight orange once it's on.

Anyway, the only free time I have for nail painting is while N and I are watching TV in the evening after E has gone to bed. After being so busy during the day I enjoy having to just sit still and wait for the polish to dry.

It's a small thing, but I find it relaxing. And after a particularly difficult day with E, I'll take any relaxation I can find.