Jewelry Boxes: Update 2

This last week I cut all of the grooves on the inside of the boxes. There were a lot to cut: all the pieces have grooves for the bottom of the box to fit in, the front and back pieces have additional grooves for tray supports, and each front piece also has a groove for a lid stop.

I cut the grooves using a router on a router table. It's pretty foolproof and I ran multiple tests on scrap wood but I still messed up once. I hadn't tightened down the fence enough and it slipped when I was cutting and so one groove was a little crooked.

I was SO sad and convinced that I had ruined a whole box but my instructor said it would be okay and then I realized that it would. Phew! (Some minor mistake like this usually happens at least once during every project of mine.)

Next week: sanding the inside of the pieces and (finally) gluing up the box.

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