Queen Bee Creations

Rebecca Pearcy, the creative mind behind Queen Bee Creations, used to be based in my hometown. When I was growing up I would see her bags and wallets in shops downtown and really liked them but they were far outside my meager teenage budget. I love her pieces but even now they still cost more than what I usually spend on a purse.

A couple of years ago N surprised me with one of her bags for a birthday present. I really love it and use it to tote around my stuff with I'm out without E and don't need a diaper bag. The bag is really durable and because it's vinyl it's easy to wipe clean (a must after woodworking class). It's distinctive without being too cutesy-looking and I get quite a few compliments on it.

A quick search on Etsy turned up some other sellers that work in vinyl but I think I still prefer Rebecca's designs.