Letter: Month Sixteen

Dear E,

Well, in general things just keep better and better. You're a master at walking now and have moved on to climbing onto things. You like to stand on top of anything you can: the bathroom scale, blocks, books, your long-suffering mama's foot, etc... This month you also discovered the joy of sitting. You like to grab a toy or your blanket and carefully sit on the bottom step of the stairs. Then you'll stand up and sit back down repeatedly, proud as punch.

Cuteness aside, you're actually getting to be quite a handful. Taking you to the store is a bit harder now because you don't want to be in the cart. You want to run around and grab things off the shelves. And holding you isn't a better option either: you've perfected that whole-body toddler twist and kick maneuver to wiggle yourself free.

My mom and brother Steven were in town last week visiting and both doted on you. Your grandma loved playing with you and your uncle would plant a peck on the top of your head whenever he got the chance. Even your aunt's dog Teddy put up with you remarkably well. You LOVED Teddy and kept trying to hug him or rub your cheek against his fur (as you do with anything soft). It's too bad you're allergic to dogs; hopefully we'll be able to get one for you at some point.

In general you're still a very sweet, mellow little guy. During the last few weeks I've started going to the gym in the mornings to get some much-needed exercise and you've been a champ about going to the day care there. Sometimes you're so eager to go play with the other kids that you try and open the gate to let yourself in. A few times you've been a little sad when I leave but even then you don't really cry and you quickly cheer up. Because I know you're having a good time with the other kids it's easier to relax and enjoy my workout/time to read trashy magazines. You're very good to your dad and me.