Method Daily Shower Cleaner

Like most people, I don't like cleaning the shower. I hate scrubbing and chemical fumes often give me headaches. When we had our master bathroom shower repaired in December the acrylic marble guy tactfully suggested that keeping the shower cleaner would keep the caulk stay in better shape longer (the conversation was quite embarrassing) and he recommended using a daily shower spray.

So I mended my shower-neglecting ways and scrubbed the newly-repaired shower till it shone and then went out and bought some shower spray. I started out using Tilex Fresh Shower but it had some pretty strong fumes that would give me a bit of a headache.

So I switched to Method's Daily Shower Cleaner and I really like it. I got it at Target for about $4 and also got a big refill jug of it for about the same price. It doesn't have the harsh chemicals the Tilex does (especially important to me with E around) but it works just as well. I spray it on the shower everyday and it keeps it looking great. It's been a few months and I have yet to see any mildew or soap scum but I don't have to do any scrubbing.

I like to think the acrylic marble guy would be proud.

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