E Loves Pororo

Even though he might not look it, E is one-quarter Korean. I try to expose him to Korean culture when the opportunity arises but I'm not hardcore about it, mostly because I'm not fluent in the language myself so there's only so much I can do. Elements of Korean culture like food and movies are found in our home and I think E will naturally absorb information about this part of his heritage as he grows.

A while ago my friend Carol (second row from the bottom, third from the right in this photo) sent me links to some Korean kids videos online. E fell in love with this video about the importance of eating vegetables (to view it full screen, click on the magnifying glass on the upper right). E loves, loves, LOVES this video. It's actually led to a bit of trouble because if you sit down to use the computer he expects you to play it for him and if you don't he unleashes his wrath as only a 17 month-old can.

I think the animation is really cute. I didn't know who the characters are but I asked around on Kimchi Mamas and people told me the penguin's name is Pororo and that it's a very popular kids show in Korea.

When he watches the video E gets excited and babbles and bounces around. It can be pretty cute. I taped him watching the video with our webcam. The quality's not that good and it might be pretty boring to non-grandparents, but here you go.

(Watch the original video here.)

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