Letter: Month Seventeen

Dear E,

Where did March go? You're growing so quickly. It is so much fun to us to see you pick up new things up almost everyday. Lately you've started taking us by the hand and leading us to where you want to go. And when you get the feeling to go outside you'll bring your jacket and shoes to us. You seem to understand a lot more words now.

You hate the loud noise the hairdryer makes and so as soon as I warn you that "Mama's going to dry her hair now" you run away shrieking in fear. But then you always sneak back and peer around the corner to check on me and make sure I'm okay and haven't been devoured by the strange monster pointed at my head. That you can summon such bravery on my behalf is very touching.

I've been working a lot this past week and as a result you've been watching a bit more Play with me, Sesame that I'd like. You really love the show, though. Ernie is your favorite. The Sesame Street characters are printed on your diapers and you get a kick out of seeing them. A few days ago you said "Ernie" as your dad was pointing him out to you on a diaper. Of course you haven't said it again though. (By the way, what's up with that? Sometimes you'll say a word (last week it was "oatbeal") but then you promptly clammed up and never said it again.)

The only words you say really consistently are "Mama," "Dada," and "Elliott." It's funny because you'll often use "Elliott" to mean "I'm here!" If I'm calling to you from another room you call back "Elliott!" Sometimes if I'm doing something else and not paying attention to you you'll call out "Elliott!" to make sure that I know you're there and that I haven't forgotten about you. But you don't have to worry: I'll never forget about you.