On Buying a Better Bra

(Um, so this post is not really for the guys.)

The weekend was really nice. On Friday I went to the mall with the plan of finding a set of silverware and maybe buying a couple of new bras. My old ones were getting ratty-looking and not fitting well anymore.

Once I got to the mall I realized I should take full advantage of the rare luxury I had to shop without E in tow. It seemed like it would be a lot more difficult to try on bras while wrangling E than to look at silverware so I headed to Nordstrom.

I don't shop at Nordstrom that often: they have really lovely things and fantastic customer service, but the prices are usually (shocking) out of my price range. But I do really like their lingerie department. Their sales ladies are very well trained and will give you a complimentary bra fitting to help you find your right size. And you don't have to make an appointment or anything. The only downside is that the bras are pretty pricey (about $50). But, they are very well made. I'm cheap in a lot of ways but since I'm fairly busty and wear a bra everyday, I don't mind paying extra for good support and quality that's going to last.

I admit I was a teeny bit nervous about the whole thing before I went in to the dressing room, but the sales lady, Silvia, was great. She was super nice and knowledgeable and very good at putting me at ease. She started out by having me try on several "fit" bras to get a general idea of what size I was. Then she suggested a some different styles that I tried on in a few different sizes. We narrowed it down and I left with a couple of bras that I loved and a bottle of lingerie wash.

(About the lingerie wash, when Silvia found out that I washed my bras in Woolite she gently chided me about it. Apparently Woolite has petroleum-based compounds in it that will make spandex more brittle and faster to break down. In general I tend to be suspicious of specialty cleaners but I had heard that about Woolite before and Silvia seemed to know what she was talking about. And the bottle of concentrate should last me over a year.)

So, if you need new bras or have never been professionally fit and are unsure about your size go see Silvia at the Nordstrom in Orem. She is great and it will be awesome.

After I was finished at Nordstrom it was time to head back for my massage. For Christmas N had given me a gift card to a local massage place and so I used it on Friday for an hour-long message. It was great! I love massages but don't get them that often. It was very relaxing: I almost fell asleep at some point.

So all in all, it was a very relaxing weekend. It was fun to be pampered a bit.

Now it's time to be productive again. I have a meeting at the office this afternoon and desperately need to spring clean the house. I'm itching to get everything organized and decluttered. I might post some before-and-after pictures if it's not too embarrassing (but it will probably be too embarrassing).