Weekend Numbers

10 loads of laundry washed.
9 loads of laundry folded and put away.
8 hours of my church's general conference watched on tv.
7 sacks of old clothes sorted, bagged, and donated.
6 times a crochet project was unraveled and begun again.
5 times E got into the kitchen trash (once smearing garlic butter all over his shirt and the floor).
4 marshmallow peeps eaten.
3 days of enjoying N's company all day (he took Friday off of work).
2 big molars trying to break the surface in E's mouth.
1 cranky toddler who frequently shrieked or cried at the drop of a hat.

Whew! The weekend was pretty productive but it was a little hard to deal with E sometimes. He would cry or let loose a super high-pitched shriek when things weren't going exactly the way he wanted them to (like when we told him to stay out of the trash can or no, you aren't going to watch your Korean vegetable video again).

I feel bad for him, though. I felt inside his mouth and he has two big angry bumps where two lower molars are trying to poke through. It's weird because E only has his two front bottom teeth. I though he would get his cuspids and bicuspids before his molars. And his top molars don't show any signs of coming in right now (for which I guess I should be grateful). But having only a patchwork set of teeth must make chewing pretty difficult.

Today was going to be pretty crazy even if E was in a good mood: we're refinancing our house to get a better interest rate and the appraiser is coming by this morning, I have several hours worth of work to do, and I have a conference call this afternoon (hopefully E will be taking a nap at that time because if I'm sitting at the computer and not showing him that Pororo video he starts shrieking). Oh yeah, and I need to finish my taxes. Bleh.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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