What we woke up to:

Um, yeah...those things I said yesterday about spring in Utah being lovely and magical? I totally take them back. Three inches of snow? In mid-April? --Crazy!

I haven't written about it lately, but I've been really stressed out the past few weeks. Work has been exceptionally demanding, we're refinancing our house, and doing our taxes was kind of complicated since I'm technically self-employed. N's been supportive but after two weeks of me being grumpy and irritable I could tell he was getting tired of it.

Now that work and taxes are taken care of, I'm planning on taking the day off (except for, you know, feeding E and keeping him alive and stuff). E and I are going to go to the gym and then maybe go shopping for some somewhat needed housewares this afternoon. Or maybe when E takes his nap I'll just crawl into bed and read and take my own nap. I need to recharge.