We've arranged for a babysitter and got tickets to go see X-Men tonight. I've liked the X-Men characters since I was a little kid: I would rush home after school to watch the cartoons and I read through a few huge trade paperbacks of the comics someone gave us one summer. (I also read a big collection of the Silver Surfer comics that summer but that is neither here nor there.)

I didn't really like the last X-Men movie but this one has a different director and I'm hoping it will be better. From what I know this movie already has a few things in its favor:

1. Daniel Henney as Agent Zero (Cute AND half-Korean!)

2. And Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights (which you really should watch if you haven't already. Really. It's a great show and it's not all about football.) Kitsch is playing Gambit who is one of the later X-men characters and not really one of my favorites. But I'm really hoping he'll pull it off well. I just hope he doesn't do a bad creole accent.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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