Berry Lemon Mini Trifles

My friend Kristin and I hosted a baby shower for a neighbor last night and I made these mini trifles for the party. I think they went over pretty well; a couple people asked for the recipe.

I used this Tyler Florence recipe. I was feeling slightly ambitious and so I also made my own lemon curd using this recipe. (I wasn't feeling up to making my own pound cake though. I like to use Costco's; it's really good).

I love making lemon curd: I find the constant stirring meditative. There's something magical about stirring, stirring, stirring and then suddenly bam!--the mixture thickens and turns into curd. I know I'm a nerd, but I think it's fun. It's kind of like a science experiment. And besides, an 11 oz jar of lemon curd was $5 at the store (and I needed two or three) while a huge bag of lemons was under $5 at Costco.

And I'm cheap like that.

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